Treat APD master course

In just 90 days, audiologists and speech-language pathologists can lift the level of service they offer clients.​

This course teaches professionals to treat their clients' APD with the Phonemic Training Program, the Phonemic Synthesis Progam and Words in Noise Training.

Course description

The Treat APD Master Course gives professionals the tools and training to treat their patients' specific diagnosed auditory processing disorder.

This course teaches the Phonemic Training Program, the Phonemic Synthesis (PS) Program, and  Words in Noise Training.​

The Phonemic Training Program (PTP) is an evidence-based approach to retraining phonemically encoded errors.  PTP employs a deck of cards with the letters of the alphabet printed on them corresponding to the sounds that will be taught.

The Phonemic Synthesis Program (PS) presents a wider range of speech sounds throughout the program. There are 15 programmed lessons that start off very easy and increase in difficulty with each successive lesson.

Words in Noise Training (WINT) uses recorded words and trains clients in the basic auditory processing task: pulling speech out of a background of noise.

The Treat APD Master Course is delivered online. It is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, with professionals spending one hour each week on it.

The course features on-demand videos, enabling professionals to learn at their convenience.

Professionals are supplied with a recommended structure for treatment session and forms for recording their clients' progress, in the future.​

After completing the Treat APD Master Course, participants will be able to use the PTP, the PS and the WINT training programs at their own clinic.


1.   Be degree qualified in Audiology or Speech-Language Therapy / Pathology.
2.  Have a basic familiarity with APD.
3.  Have 1-2 hours a week to dedicate to learning the Phonemic Training Program through online learning.
4.  Be coachable, friendly, and respect our community.

Lesson plan

  1. Introductions to phonemes, training the phonemes D, short Ě, M; Auditory Memory Training, Example video of Dr Angela Alexander conducting a PTP session with a client
  2. Training the phonemes: B, Ă, N;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  3. Training the phonemes P, Ĭ, L;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training
  4. Training the phonemes D, long Ē, S;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  5. Training the phonemes V, Ŏ, H;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.  
  6. Training the phonemes G, long Ō, F;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  7. Training the phonemes R, Ŭ, K;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  8. Training the phonemes J, long Ī, W;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  9. Training the phonemes NG, Y the voiceless TH sound;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  10. Training the phonemes Z, OI, long Ā, Ū;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  11. Training the phonemes OO, the voiced TH sound, Ch;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  12. Training the phonemes OW, Sh, ER;  Phonemic Synthesis;  Word in Noise training.
  13. Extra: How to provide services for your APD clients through teleconferencing and telepractice technology


  • Suggested structure for running Phonemic Training Program exercises sessions
  • Progress document for Phonemic Training Program exercises
  • Progress document for Phonemic Synthesis training sessions
  • Words In Noise material

Online Learning

The course lessons are hosted online, with on-demand videos.  This enables professionals to learn a new treatment discipline, alongside ongoing work commitments.
Use of a computer or laptop with broadband internet access is required.  Use of a quiet office or good quality headphones is also recommended.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the APD Treatment Master Course, participants will:

  • Demonstrate they have acquired knowledge about the Phonemic Training Program, the Phonemic Synthesis Program and the Speech-in-Noise Desensitization Training program.
  • Be able to use these programs in their own audiology practice or speech-language therapy clinic, improving the service they offer to customers.

Cost of the course

See pricing here.

This includes access to on-demand course videos, materials for use in training sessions,  and in-course support from Angela Alexander, as required.

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