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Evaluate APD
Master Course

In just 90 days, audiologists can lift the level of service they offer clients.

This course teaches participants to identify the characteristics of their clients' specific auditory processing disorder using the acclaimed Buffalo Model's Central Test Battery.


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Course description

Over 14 lessons, the course teaches participants how to carry out the Buffalo Model diagnostic procedure.  This enables audiologists to effectively diagnose the characteristics of a client's specific auditory processing disorder.

The Evaluate APD Master Course is completed online, on-demand. This means participants can learn at their own convenience.

The Buffalo Model is a coherent approach to the evaluation and remediation of APD.  Buffalo Model testing procedures, the Central Test Battery (CTB), have been used with great success for more than fifty years.

The CTB includes the Staggered Spondaic Word (SSW) test, the Phonemic Synthesis (PS) test and the Speech in Noise test.  The Speech in Noise test is an important indicator of the Tolerance-Fading Memory (TFM) category of APD, as well as a practical clinical measure.

This battery of central tests contains many indicators of APD; however, administration of all three tests generally requires only 45 minutes.

Once the characteristics of a client's specific APD challenges are diagnosed - using the Buffalo Model - professionals can begin create a customized training program to improve clients' areas of difficulty. Training exercises such as the Phoneme Training Program are taught in the Treat APD Master Course.

By completing the Evaluate APD Master Course, participants will learn to use the Buffalo Model testing battery in their own audiology practice. Knowledge of and application of the Buffalo Model improves the service that professionals can offer their clients.


1.   Be either an audiologist or studying to be an audiologist.
2.  Have a basic familiarity with APD.
3.  Have 1-2 hours a week to dedicate to learning the Buffalo model of APD therapy through online learning.
4.  Be coachable, friendly, and respect our community.

Lesson plan

Week 1:     Introduction to Acoustic Pioneer - Feather Squadron Testing.
Week 2:     Angela will provide the full Central Test Battery through telepractice.
Week 3:     Watch 10, 5-minute explanation videos of the SSW test and take a quiz.
Week 4:     Five case studies and how they perform on the SSW test.
Week 5:     Watch 10, 5-minute explanation videos on the Phonemic Synthesis Test and take a quiz.
Week 6:     Five case studies and how they perform on the PS test.
Week 7:     Watch an explanation of the W22 Speech in Noise Test.
Week 8:     Five case studies and how they perform on the W22s in quiet and noise.
Week 9:     Watch videos on the ASA Test for children under 7 years.
Week 10:   Case Study videos with ASA
Week 11:   Score a test and compare it to my scoring.
Week 12:   Scoring/Analysing
Week 13:   Reporting
Week 14:   Advanced Level SSW Analysis
Bonus:         Life Hacks for APD testing.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the Evaluate APD Master Course, participants will:

  • Demonstrate they have acquired knowledge about the Buffalo Model

  • Understand and be able to demonstrate how the evidence-based Buffalo Model approach can be used to diagnose specific APD disorders effectively.

  • Be able to use the Buffalo Model tests in their own audiology practice, improving the service they offer to customers.

Online Learning

The courses are taught entirely online. On-demand lessons enables audiology professionals to learn an effective assessment discipline, alongside ongoing work commitments. Participants can study the course material at times most convenient to them. 
Angela Alexander is available to provide assistance to course participants, on request.

Cost of the Course

Click here for rates.

This includes all course reading, access to course videos, exclusive membership to our online community, and in-course support from Angela Alexander.

Note:  To use the Buffalo Model after completing the course, audiologists will need testing materials. A list of materials will be provided and these can be purchased after the course.


"After 90 days, you'll significantly lift the level of service you can offer clients in need..."

Angela Alexander, Au.D., CCC-A, MNZAS

Auditory Processing Institute

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I’ve started the course work full capacity today and “mind blown”. every word just fits so well in what I’ve been thinking for ages. It’s such a relief and I’m annoyed with myself that it has taken me this long to move in this direction. I’m so grateful to you.

Riette Schwass, Audiologist


 I like how they were broken up into a series of short videos rather than one long one. Good stuff Angela.

Tom Goyne, Doctor of Audiology


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for the way you share your knowledge. It's made me more confident in recommending aural rehab and carrying it out. My first little patient has made unbelievable strides and I have 2 more getting ready to start.

Melissa Wilson Karp, Doctor of Audiology


I have never seen APD from this perspective; it has given me valuable insight!

Tanvi Sathe, Audiologist


I hereby give consent to Angela Loucks Alexander, Audiologist, at Auditory Processing Institute to record our diagnostic and therapy sessions.  

These recordings will be used to gain further understanding of important aspects of the treatment and to train allied professionals work with Auditory Processing Disorder.  I have discussed this procedure with the Audiologist.

I will be consulted if any of these recordings will be used for public use (i.e., documentaries or podcasts).

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