Master Class on Implementing Auditory Processing into Your Practice

This course provides participants with the tools needed to incorporate auditory processing evaluations and treatment into their desired practice setting.

Course description

Over 12 chapters, including dozens of text-based and video-based lessons, participants learn about the fundamentals of building an auditory processing program within an existing practice setting or a start-up practice.


1.   Be either an audiologist or studying to be an audiologist.
2.  Have a basic familiarity with APD.
3.  Be coachable, friendly, and respect our community.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Planning, Projections, and Modeling

Chapter 3: Motivating Your Patients to Better Outcomes

Chapter 4: Balancing Act: Organizing efficient workflows
Chapter 5: Website Design and SEO

Chapter 6: Business Insurance and HIPAA Compliance

Chapter 7: Marketing

Chapter 8: Tracking and Accounting

Chapter 9: Human Resources

Chapter 10: Additional External Resources

Online Learning

The courses are taught entirely online. On-demand lessons enable audiology professionals to learn an effective assessment discipline alongside ongoing work commitments. Participants can study the course material at times most convenient to them. Dr. Tom Goyne is available to provide assistance to course participants upon request.

Cost of the Course

The basic version of this course is now, automatically, included in the content of the APD Evaluation and Treatment course.

Several additional course options and payment options exist to accommodate different budgets and comfort levels with practice management. If you’d like to have a conversation about which option is best for you, schedule a chat with Dr. Tom Goyne.

About Tom Goyne

Private practice owner for nearly 15 years

  • Services include amplification and assistive devices, tinnitus management, cochlear implants, auditory processing evaluations and treatment.

Practice management consultant for over 7 years

  • Tailoring support, guidance, and mentorship to match the individual goals of practice-owners and managers.

Adjunct professor and visiting lecturer at Salus University

  • Current courses include clinical problem solving and clinical supervision

Dr. Goyne's professional interests lie in the process of creating and applying solutions to the specific needs of his patients, fellow audiologists, and to future doctors of audiology, drawing from extensive experience and interest in the latest evidence-based techniques. “Implementing Auditory Processing into Your Practice” is a natural extension of that vision.

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